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haha. =] [Aug. 25th, 2006|12:23 pm]


jennifer: rubber duckie do you copy!
jennifer: lol
Me: [static] that's a ten four. what's your status?
jennifer: copy that good buddy wats ur 20/20?
jennifer: im fallen in the cat shit ah that my 20/20!!!!!
Me: [static] waiting for the game. [static] it's a nice day out
Me: lol
jennifer: scccr copy that sccr be back in a jiffy. scccr
Me: hahaha [static] that's a big ten four.
jennifer: copy that you some bitch pile of monkey nuts!!!!!
Me: [static] yes cunt. lol
jennifer: aaaaaaawwwww
jennifer: l8r sweetie ha ha ha

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