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lyric_whores_xx's Journal

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[Ew, I know rules right. But you have to have them]
1. Do not slander someones taste of music.
2. Do not talk bad about the people posting.
3. Do not leave nasty comments to your maintainer. (you will be deleted)
4. If you need to contact the maintainer because of a problem, my contact information was given above. You can IM me on Aim, Msn, Yahoo, or simply email me. If you don't want to contact me through that way you can always leave a comment on my livejournal. Which is listed above as well.
5. Try to stay active. If not I'll be forced to warn you, then delete you. [though I hate deleting people]
7. If you post a conversation you have to ask permission to show that person's screen name. (post their permission under or above the conversation) [this is not one of my rules but one of livejournal.]
7. And try to have fun with this. k thanks.

What the site is for:
Well, basically it's for people to have fun. They can either copy lyrics from their favorite songs, Write letters to love ones, or just letters in general, get the opinion of the other members, write a poem, write a song, post a story you wrote or a short story that you liked, basically just have fun. mo'kay? I don't want anyone dissing other people in here. I want it to be a friendly community. If you want to flame about something do it in a post. But refer to the person as he OR she.

Have fun. kthanksbye.